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CraftShowNews is the home for craft artists, collectors, gallery owners, show promoters and pretty much anyone else interested in the crafts industry.


The basis of CSN is a free exchange of ideas, information and opinion. Plus it's a practical site offering resources, news and advice for craft professionals and those on their way.


And it's free! CSN is a place where you can . . . .


  • Read objective reviews of craft/art shows nationwide, including results from exhibitors at those shows and their comments regarding the shows.
  • Freely discuss the latest industry events, comment on website articles and offer your reviews of the craft shows you've worked or visited, anonymously if you would like.
  • Share videos in our Video Gallery of your studio, show or gallery, giving visitors a real-life view of who or what you are.
  • Showcase your crafts in our Artist Gallery to an audience that appreciates good work. Chat in real-time with other crafts enthusiasts.
  • Share pictures of yourself, studio, gallery, or show, and pretty much anything else you think we'd like to see!
  • Buy and sell used equipment and other stuff. Search for shows to sell your work and organizations that will assist you.


CSN wants your ideas on how to make the site work for you. To contact us, or learn more about the CSN staff click  contact us . . .


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