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DATES: February 19-21, 2011


PAID ATTENDANCE: 125,000 (Artigras)

BOOTH COST (12x12): $400.00 and above




With the temperatures ranging around the low twenties in the Northeast, it’s almost easy to forget that artigras11-1there are outdoor art/craft shows taking place at the same time in places of warmth.


One of these places is Jupiter in Florida, located on the Atlantic coast, a little over an hours drive from Fort Lauderdale.


Every year about this time, while those of us in 75% of the country are either shoveling snow or worrying about the next nasty weather day, residents and out-of-towners of the Jupiter area are making plans to visit the Artigras Fine Arts Festival.


With more than 275 artists exhibiting, this Artigras attracted 125,000 visitors. The producers of the show pride themselves in offering the kind of festival atmosphere that includes – along with the artists’ section - an art area for kids, demonstrations and entertainment.


For fine arts and crafts collectors, there was definitely a quality and diversity work that would satisfy artigras11-2that description; but the term fine arts was used a bit liberally here. It’s understandable, when putting together a show this size that attracts this many visitors, that the producers need to apply a wider definition.


For artists thinking of applying to this show, pretty much the only thing working against the show is it’s popularity.


Like most shows that offer the whole family package, the amazing attendance draw doesn’t always result in amazing sales for the artists selling their work.


From January through March Florida is loaded with popular street festivals, art/craft shows and fairs - any given weekend there are 3 or 4 worthwhile shows taking place.


And why not? The weather the weekend of Artigras was beautiful with temperatures around 80 degrees.artigras11-courtesy


The show is affordable to do and, with this being its 26th year, has pretty much established itself as a destination for the surrounding population.


It doesn’t take an extreme adventurer to pack the station wagon, mini-van, or RV and follow the sun for the winter!




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