Coconut Grove Arts Festival E-mail



DATES: February 19-21, 2011


PAID ATTENDANCE: N/A (2 requests)

BOOTH COST (11x10): $750.00 and above




While putting together a schedule of shows to either visit or exhibit, this is one that has got tococonutgrove11-3 excite even the most road weary art/craft show traveler.

Located a about 5 miles south of downtown Miami, Coconut Grove offers the pleasure double whammy of warm, sunny weather in February - while most of country is freezing – and a beautiful view of the Biscayne Bay.

This year’s show was no exception with temperatures in the eighties and plenty of sun.

With that, plus the fact that the festival takes place along South Bayshore Drive, which looks directly out onto the bay, this show is a major attraction to locals and Miami-area visitors. Celebrating the 48th year of the show, the producers expected 150,000 visitors to the festival, and they weren’t disappointed.

In a state that is loaded with street festivals this time of year, this is a show that stands out.

If you are a collector of fine art and/or handmade crafts, there is the work of more than 350 coconutgrove11-4artists that you can browse while looking for something that fits your style. If you are visiting the show to buy a gift, there is enough of a mix of good work at affordable prices that you should be able to leave with something in your bag.

For most artists considering this show, the attendance numbers this show posts should cause them to salivate. But like every street festival that attracts this many visitors, the numbers can be misleading.

One of the few complaints that I heard from artists I spoke with was that not everyone was in the buying mood. They weren’t really complaining about their sales, just that there were a lot of lookers who weren’t buying.

From my experience, that’s kind of the way it goes with most street festivals – especially one this size.

Given its popularity, this show does focus on the art part of the total package. What limited entertainment is offered is local and there are only a few other distractions. And by charging a $10.00 admission, the show producers try to separate the buyers from the gawkers.

For an artist thinking of applying to this show, one challenge is the hefty ($750) price for a coconutgrove11-courtesybooth. The show is run professionally and the producers do place the artists in a position of importance, but with the addition of travel expenses, this show may just be too much for some artists to risk.

Especially when there is a more affordable, equally popular show taking place less than 2 hours up the interstate.

In the end, choosing whether or not to visit this show or apply to exhibit could merely depend on whether you would rather be wearing snow boots or sandals in February.

I know what I choose!



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