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DATES: March 5-6, 2011


ATTENDANCE: est. 12,000 (AITS)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $300 and above




Like any new show – this was the second annual version of the Arts In The Square – the big challenge the first few years is to generate enough momentum so that eventually the show runs completely on it’s own steam.

This includes having an advertising budget that is large enough to have impact on the artsinthesquare-1audience you are trying to reach, attracting artists that sell the kind of work that your audience wants to buy, creating an atmosphere that encourages shoppers to spend time at the event, and praying the weather makes it all possible.

The producers of Arts In The Square, Frisco Square Development, worked hard getting the first three right, but the weather didn’t quite cooperate. Saturday was colder (50º) and wetter than the show producers had hoped – March in Frisco is usually 60º and above – which obviously had impact on the show.

It’s no surprise that most of the artists had a much better day on Sunday (60º and sunny), which encouraged enough of them to decide they would give this show another chance next year.

For someone that collects handmade art/crafts or gives them has gifts, what’s great about this show is that it attracts accomplished artists from Texas and nearby states. There is a healthy sampling of artists that collectors don’t see if they limit themselves to visiting shows on the coasts.

The show also features enough of a mix of exhibitors – more than half are two-dimensional artists – that if you were a shopper of traditional or contemporary work you would be satisfied.

Considering this is the only arts related festival taking place in downtown Frisco however, I artsinthesquare-2would suggest either scaling back on the number of 2-D artists exhibiting or increasing the total number of exhibitors by attracting more craft artists.

If you are an artist thinking of making the swing through Texas next March, your work will most likely be acceptable to both the jurors of this show and the collectors that attend.

If the producers of the show are committed to establishing this show as a regular event, they will have to suffer through the growing pains they faced this year.

For artists considering applying to this show, you can feel confident that if the producers promote the show enough that it becomes a must-go event for the residents, they will come with money in their pockets. For artists living outside of the Southwest, adding this show to your schedule might not be a great idea unless you plan on being in the area that time of year.

But for artists who spend a lot of time doing shows in Colorado, Oklahoma and other nearby states, it’s definitely one they should consider. The booth fee is affordable and the show is growing.

Besides, as one of the many affluent towns surrounding Dallas, the population has the means to visit a show like Arts In The Square and leave with their hands full. The challenge is for the producers to promote the show enough to make it a Texas-size event.




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