Paradise City Arts Festival - Marlborough E-mail



DATES: March 18-20, 2011


ATTENDANCE: 6,700 (Paradise City)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $960.00




After visiting and reviewing the Paradise City show in Philadelphia the past two years – which was a great show that has struggled with attendance - it was a pleasure for CSN to visit a Paradise City show in one of their signature cities.

From unsolicited emails sent directly to CSN regarding the show from artists praising the show, we were glad we finally made the trip to Marlborough.

Like all Paradise City shows this show appeals to the local affluent population and, because it is located about 40 minutes outside oftim-scull Boston, it has been known to attract the serious art and crafts collectors from that city as well.

For a collector of craft /art, walking this show is like finding an attic full of treasures with each thing you discover is surpassed or equaled in quality and beauty by the next thing you uncover.

If you consider yourself a collector of craft/art and don’t find something at this show to take home, it’s time to start collecting something else like baseball cards or Barbie dolls.

As good as the work is at this show, and as strong as the producer’s efforts are at promoting the show, not everyone that attends is in a buying mood.

For every two artists that had a great show – one ceramic artist told CSN that “my sales were the best I have seen in 5 years” – there is one artist who didn’t do as well as they’ve come to expect at this show.

Artists and visitors alike know that Paradise City Arts Festivals are well run shows where the extras include indoor gardens, music and fairly elaborate displays of artists work.

Those extras, which create a great atmosphere in which to spend the day shopping, also cost money.

So if you are an artist thinking of applying to this show, be prepared to pay a higher booth fee than you may be used to paying forpamelahitchcock lesser shows. While the cost of a booth here is less than CraftsBoston, or for that matter most similar fine craft shows, it is more expensive than pretty much any other (primarily outdoor) show in Massachusetts.

Even if your work is the kind of work the producer’s will be looking for and the quality is good enough to be juried in, and paying for the booth is not an obstacle, there may be another challenge: because this show has such a great reputation for the quality of the work exhibited, as well as the fact that there is a more diverse representation of mediums than most retail shows, artists tend to want to come back.

In an economic environment where for many artists are looking to find shows that they can count on, and expectations for success have been depressed, the Paradise City Marlborough show provides as close to a certainty as you will find.





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