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DATES: April 15-17, 2011


ATTENDANCE: 250,000 (Atlanta Dogwood Festival)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $395





In a year – so far – where retail shows seem to rule, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival holds it’s own with similar festivals in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. It doesn’t hurt that Summer starts early in Georgia, and the weather for the most part plays along.

In the best sense of the word this is truly an arts festival, with a health mix of street performers, bands, craft artists, fine artists and a, what seems at these shows to be now obligatory, section just for kids.

But I guess when you’ve got 250,000 live bodies visiting for the weekend, you better have something for everyone.

atlantadogwood11-2When it comes to the arts section, the producers of the Atlanta Dogwood Festival do a reasonably good job of putting together a balanced mix of mediums. And because of the past success at the festival, they were also able to find a solid lineup of high caliber artists.

Unfortunately, this past success lured the producers into expanding the number of artists that exhibit at the show over the past few years. With almost 300 artists this year, this means a little less of the money pie to go around. Which for an artist exhibitor, in the current economy, can mean the difference between a successful show and losing money.

For artists considering applying to this show, you can’t beat the attendance it generates. I know that “more people” doesn’t always translate into “more sales”, but it sure helps. And figuring that many of those attending don’t plan on buying because they just don’t have the money, they have made the commitment to attend. And maybe, just maybe, when the economy turns those window shoppers will visit the festival ready to buy that great work they’ve been admiring at the show.

atlantadogwood11-3While it’s an obvious “must do” show for artists in the Atlanta area, and the travel costs can be expensive for artists coming from out of state, considering the popularity of this festival, spaces are really affordable.

So if you are an artists looking to get off to a successful Summer season next year, the Atlanta Dogwood Festival is a good place to start.



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