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SHOW: NICHE: The Show (Las Vegas, NV)

DATES: June 4-6, 2011


ATTENDANCE: N/A (3 requests to The Rosen Group)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $2,000+




nichetheshow2Following last year’s debut of Niche: The Show, the staff at The Rosen Group must have been feeling pretty good about the prospect of having a successful Las Vegas show to go along with their Buyers Market of American Craft (Philadelphia) show.

They felt so good that they decided to make a couple substantial changes to the show: they doubled the number of artists exhibiting and then moved the show from Bally’s Convention Center to the Celebrity Ballroom at Planet Hollywood.


Coupled with the JCK show move from The Venetion to Mandalay Bay, the distance between the two shows, for the buyers, went from a walk to a drive. The move also placed the show about a mile further from the ACRE show than they were in 2010.

Whether these changes had anything to do with the numerous complaints, from those artists who responded to the CSN exhibitor survey, of very low buyer attendance is probably yes, but it should have been foreseeable.

nichetheshowFor those buyers who did attend the show, it was no surprise that the quality of the work at this show is every bit as good as that at the Buyers Market show. As far as I could tell, most if not all of the artists exhibiting here do or have done the BMAC. 


The Rosen Group has designed this show to highlight handmade jewelry – and some of their best artists were in attendance - so there are very few non-jewelry exhibitors.

Unfortunately for those artists who exhibited at this show last year and hoped for the same success as last year, this show turned out to be a major disappointment. Same goes for those artists who read the CSN review of last year’s show and/or spoke with artists that did the show and were happy.

If you are an artist considering applying to next year’s Niche:The Show, consider these results from the CSN exhibitor survey of this year's show:

74% responded that they made less than $5,000.

34% responded that they made less than $1,000.

81% responded that their sales did not meet expectations.

91% responded that they were not happy with the attendance.

75% rated the show either “not good” or “terrible”.

81% responded that they either would not do the show in 2012 or are undecided.

I get that the economy can get some of the blame for the slow down throughout the crafts industry, however the producers were counting on the buyers from JCK attending this show. In fact, that was the whole marketing effort. The JCK show didn’t seem fazed by the sluggish economy boasting a 20,000-buyer attendance.

So if this show is to ever achieve the attendance it pretty much promises, there has to be a much better effort made to get the JCK buyers to the show, or the Rosen Group needs to revamp the show a bit and then dig a little deeper into their promotional budget to encourage traditional crafts/gifts galleries to attend.





#3 Administrator 2011-07-27 12:24
Thanks Beth,

Not sure about the admission fee for buyers. TRC wouldn't answer the questions I emailed them. This surprised me because the PR department there is very responsive. If anyone can enlighten us on the admission charge policy at Niche: The Show we'd appreciate it. CSN
#2 Beth Lawrence 2011-07-27 11:24
By the way, great article! It's so nice to hear honest reviews about these shows.
#1 Beth Lawrence 2011-07-27 11:23
Do you know if Niche is still charging buyers? If so, that could be a deciding factor in a buyer from JCK deciding if they want to attend Niche.

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