Morristown CraftMarket 2011 E-mail


DATES: October 21-23, 2011


ATTENDANCE: 5,600 (Morristown CraftMarket)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $550




When we last reviewed the Morristown CraftMarket (2009) the show had replaced a longtimelindasenechalscarves show director and there was a bit of uncertainty as to whether the show would continue with the success it had experienced through the years.

Considering the effect the economy has had on the willingness for visitors at craft/art shows to spend, this show still seems to draw a consistent crowd.

Granted, not everyone was buying, but getting live bodies in the building is a start. The volunteers of the Kiwanis Club of Randolph who produce the show, are able to attract enough of their friends, family, neighbors and other members of the Morristown community to make the show an attendance success.

In the past, the exhibitors at the Morristown CraftMarket represented a even mixture of contemporary, traditional and some that sort of crossed over from one to the other.

The producers of the show have tightened up the jurying process in that, at least to me, it seems there is now a definitive contemporary feel to the show. The high quality level of the craft artists exhibiting is pretty much consistent throughout the aisles.

Though there were some comments from artists again this year of possible Buy/Sell exhibitors, I couldn’t find them.

lindabillet-mosaicIf you are an artist thinking of applying to the Morristown CraftMarket, you can count on a well-run show that consistently attracts an audience from an affluent area of New Jersey. The fact that this show has history and has a built-in shopper base is a good thing, but it’s incumbent upon the producers to find a way to reach out to a broader demographic to keep the numbers up.


One attempt to add some excitement to the show this year was the addition of a Fall Plant Sale and a live band for the opening evening Gala – both of which met with mixed results.

From the standpoint of a shopper, this is a good show. But like pretty much any show that has relied upon a “regular” audience, the challenge for this show is to spend the money it takes to get the word out that what’s happening at the Morristown Armory is worth checking out.



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