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SHOW: CraftNewYork (New York, NY)

DATES: March 30 - April 1, 2012


ATTENDANCE: 4,000 (Artrider)

BOOTH COST (10x10): $1,895




The thing that is great about this show is that Artrider managed to get some of the best artists around the country to take a chance on a show in the middle of New York City - where many craft shows come to die - in the selma-karacahopes that the work they produce would end up in the hands of that very large segment of the population in and around NYC who have money to burn.


It’s a testament to the reputation of Artrider that they were able to attract these artists to the very site where a mega-produced show, One Of A Kind NYC, lasted a grand total of two years.


The venue for the show - 7 West 34th Street - is situated in one of the busiest retail areas of Manhattan near Macy’s, Banana Republic and  many, many more retailers. It’s definitely an area that is busy with shoppers looking to load up their credit cards.


But if you are just a passerby looking for the next place to buy, there really isn’t anything about 7 West 34th Street that screams “come in here because there is really great crafts for you to buy!”


A real advantage Artrider had in putting a show together in Midtown over the producers of OAK is that they have a long history of producing craft shows in the city - and therefore a big email/mailing list of shoppers in their arsenal. In a city as large and cluttered as New York City, the challenge in keeping this show going will be whether Artrider can attract shoppers to the show that reside outside their “established” mailing list.


There was a wide range of reactions from artists I spoke with on whether they felt this show was a success. Although most felt they did well enough to do the show again, it was clear that the cost of this show is much more a burden on out-of-town artists than it is on the locals.


When I asked one NYC-based artist, who labeled the show a success, whether their appraisal would have been the same if they had to pay travel costs, he answered with a “not so much.”


If you are an artist considering applying for next year’s CraftNewYork, there are only a few show opportunities in the city which offer the chance to sell your work to buyers that appreciate really good handmade craft. If you are accepted to this show it’s equal to selling your work in the best craft galleries in the city.


kathleen-dustin-braceletOf course that means your competing with equally talented artists for the attention of those buyers looking to add to their collection or just leave with a gift.


Included in Artrider’s promotion for this show is that the net profits from admission to the show go to CERF+, which is a non-profit organization committed to supporting the careers of craft artists throughout the U.S.


This is a great thing for Artrider to do, especially since CERF+ has a history of helping in-need (through no fault of their own) artists with financial assistance.


We contacted CERF+ to find out just how well they made out from the CraftNewYork show - with a $15.00 admission probably pretty well - but haven’t heard back from them yet.



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