Rosen Group cancels Niche:The Show E-mail



The Rosen Group has announced the cancellation of NICHE: The Show, its three-year-old Las Vegas trade show.

“After producing three respectable and gorgeous small shows during Jewelry Week in Las Vegas, we have decided not to repeat NICHE: The Show there,” wrote Rebecca Mercado, director of both shows. “Economic factors, including the cost of producing a show in Las Vegas, have contributed to our decision to investigate other alternatives. In the Jewelry Week marketplace, we encountered formidable challenges to growing our show to a size that would justify the investment required.”

NICHE: The Show was launched in 2010 as a spin-off of the 30-year-old Buyers Market, offering high-end jewelry and a carefully curated selection of related luxury products. The Rosen Group conceived the show to attract western states artists and luxury buyers.

“Our desire to better serve the artists and buyers in the western states is as strong as ever,” Ms. Mercado wrote. “We recognize and appreciate so much that you gave NICHE: The Show a chance as a new show.”


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