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SHOW: East Lansing Art Festival (East Lansing, MI)

DATES: May 19 - 20, 2012



BOOTH COST (10x10): $300.00




For years one of the most popular shows in the Midwest, the East Lansing Art Festival has been doing for a long time what a lot of previously craft-only outdoor shows are becoming - full family events.

With the advantage of taking place in a major college town, this art festival is able to attract some of the best craft artists in the nation, as well as benefit from an abundance of local arts/crafts enthusiasts.

In addition to the artists section, the East Lansing Art Festival includes sections for music performances, kids activities, a kids art competition and food court. Since this is a free festival, organizers hope the wide array of activities helps fill the festival streets.

One of the challenges for organizers of this festival is that there is another large arts & crafts show - the MSU Arts & Crafts Show - taking place nearby. The MSU show is 300 artists strong.

east-lansing-art-fest-2For most of the artists that responded to the CSN Exhibitor survey, this years East Lansing Art Festival either met or exceeded their sales expectations, though few reported more than $5,000+ in sales for the weekend.

If you are an artist thinking about applying to the show in Spring 2013, the history of the show and the solid reputation of the organizers should give you some confidence that it will be worth the investment.


With about half of the artists Michigan-based, whether or not the show will be a success may depend on how much of an investment you need to make to get to East Lansing.



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