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DATES:  November 11-14 & 18-21, 2010 (consecutive weekends)


PAID ATTENDANCE: 15,000 total both weekends (MMPI)

BOOTH COST (10x10):  $2,500 (per weekend) ($4,500 both weekends)





I was looking forward to visiting the 2010 version of the One Of A Kind – NYC show since last year I had a somewhat negative view (as did many of the exhibitors) of pretty much the whole thing.


The show producers at the Merchandise Mart Chicago made a number of changes for the 2010 show, which they obviously feel, will make the show a success and give it longevity.



One major change that I thought was a real plus was that the show was moved from the Piers on the Hudson River to their facility at 7 W. 34th Street. The new location is centrally located with easy access from all parts of the city – although there was very little show signage in front of the building.


The actual show floor was a major upgrade over last year’s in that the atmosphere was more intimate – unlike the cavernous feel at the 2009 version – and, with each booth having 8-foot high white walls as a foundation, more continuous.


Getting off the elevator on the 11th Floor, as I did the Saturday afternoon of the second weekend, one is confronted with a nice looking show.


The second big change from last year’s OAK-NY was that this year the show was spread out over two weekends. Knowing how poorly received the 2009 show was by the exhibitors and the lower than expected attendance, one might wonder (other than the obvious reason - $$$) why they would extend the show an extra weekend.



In an economy where most one weekend shows are struggling to attract shoppers, doubling the show days was not going to double the attendance. Also, the during the second weekend there was a competing show by an established show producer taking place a few blocks away, as well as well-established craft/art shows at Union Square and Grand Central Station.


At $2,500 for a weekend booth ($4,500 for both weekends) plus expenses, this a very expensive show for even the most experienced artists. So getting a really good, buying attendance is very important.


If you are a collector/shopper expecting to find a show of one-of-a-kind art and crafts, you will be disappointed. The brand One Of A Kind Show, at least in the NYC case, is just that, a brand. While there were some artists whose work was one-of-a-kind, most of the work was limited production at the very least.


Overall the quality of work was much improved from last year’s show. That being said, there is room for improvement, notably in attracting more consistently accomplished artists and excluding the food and bank exhibitors.


If you are an artist thinking of applying to next year’s show, you would have to weigh the cost of the show versus the attendance of the show. If you are an NYC (or close) based artist, this show might be worth the gamble.



While the producers do a commendable job advertising this show, there is just a lot of competition at this time of year for a shopper’s dollar. So if you are thinking of applying, you need to research which weekend will bring you more success.


A good thing for an artist who wants to exhibit in a New York City show, is that this show has a partial artist turnover from the first to second weekend, so spots are available.


The producers of the One Of A Kind Show NYC actually looked at their first show last year, and made improvements. That showed that they are committed to making the show a success.


But without drastically improving the attendance of the show over all 8 days, the high exhibitor booth costs and stretching the show over two weekends could ultimately doom it to fail.




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