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I simply want to say that I think what you are doing is probably the most intelligent and important/helpful thing anyone can do in a market that is over saturated with too many promoters making too much money off of poor artists who are not savvy enough to use your information to learn to use their purchase power to regulate these shows. I use this information like it was a bible. Even though its not covering all of the shows. It is the best tool on the market to help in an economy where the only person paying his or her bills are the promotors. thank you and keep it up. . . . M.K. (fiber)


Thank you for sending the reviews about Fantastic craft shows . . . S.K. (fiber)

I really appreciate your surveys of the various craft shows. You are providing a valuable service that no one else does in quite the same way--- because your surveys are emailed to all (almost all?) participants, your response rate seems to be higher (thus I assume more accurate) than even the show reviews that one must pay for . . . A.L. (jeweler)

Your new website is very impressive and useful. Congratulations on a job well done and best of luck with the site . . . N.W. (fiber)

Hi Larry, Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your website and you surveys. I keep checking your site when we are considering a new show. You also give a nice feel for the layout and conditions at the show, something that can be important but overlooked. I also like the straightforward way you survey. I think it helps keep emotional responses out of the survey but you do get a chance to vent there at the end. Looking forward to more reviews and articles. Oh, also love the rumor mill and latest news . . . P.L. (paper)

thanks for all this . . . A.S. (jeweler)

Thanks so much for the news, etc. You have done a splendid job of the news and reviews . . . J.P. (leather)

Thanks for your informative and interesting show reviews on your blog. It’s so hard to find an honest opinion out there sometimes when it comes to shows. I've done a couple of the ones you talked about and your take on things are usually dead on! A.K. (clothing accessories)

Thanks for all you do you're reviews are extremely useful ; too bad you came on the scene so late after I had already done way too many bad shows with no reviews before hand . . . J.C. (metal)

Just to let know…I really appreciate your unbiased reviews and news about craft shows….as a long time exhibitor…its good to hear this . . . R.H. (wood)

Good job.... very fair comments..... keep the good work . . . G.L. (fiber)

I've been reading your reviews religiously every time they show up in my in box. I find them very helpful and have a fair opinion of the show. I've been using them as a guide in determining what shows to apply to this coming year. Its such a challenge to stay a float this past year. Just wanted to say Thank you. ...M.M. (furniture)

This was my first introduction to craftshownews. I checked out the website. Found it informative. Read the reviews of Baltimore and Philadelphia. Filled out the La Quinta survey. Kudos to all of it . . . B.H. (fiber)

I find myself really reading your on-line newsletters, reviews and encourage you to continue the conversations. Every decision about choosing the venues we need to present our artwork seems more tedious than ever. While we gather in numbers at shows, artists afterword, return to the isolation of our studios. Your efforts help us feel better informed and more connected .. . C.W. (metal)

I love your newsletter. I recommend it to artists I work with as being honest, real and worth reading. I loved your article about the trip to Germantown Friends. That sounded SO familiar! I'll bet the trip hasn't gotten any more fun since I last took it . . . Q.M. (jewelry)

Thanks for the general analysis of our shows. I read everything that comes my way from you . . . J.R. (fiber)


I have become an avid reader of your newsletter in the last year, and think it is one of the best sources of information for artists who are running a serious business . . . M.R. (ceramics)


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